Change in Karlsruhe 06.01 – 07.01.

Dear aikido-friends

There has been a change to my seminar in Karlsruhe.

I can only be there from
Saturday ( 14:00 – 18:00 with a big break) to Sunday (11:00-13:00 with a break )
Can’t be there on Friday. Sorry about it.

Accurate info is at


Black Belt Graduation with Endo (Sihan)

Kimusubi Dojos congratulates
Marijan Einspieler and Margit Melcher
for their grading to 4th danĀ  in aikido according to the Hombu Dojo/Japan requirements.

This is the last formal grading required for Marijan and Margit.

The grading was judged by Endo Shihan during the week-end seminar that Margit and Robert Bessler organised for about 150 people.


Kimusubi Dojos congratulates
Dietmar Harder for achieving the 1st Dan
after 7 years of practise.

All along, it has not been easy, especially the last months for preparation.

All this means a lot to our clubs.

Margit was injured when attending the examination and at the same time organised the whole seminar. Marijan got injured during the examination.

The partners for the grading were Sebastian Merlich ( Cologne ), Gerhard Treffner, Herfried Lammer and Michael Sedlmaier

We are very thankful for Endo Sensei judging the grading and giving advice to the participants.

There were no fotos taken. The foto attached is an estimate how this very KIMUSUBI moment could have been.